1. What is the starting profit sharing ratio?

Reply: The starting profit sharing ratio will be 30/70. As a partner, your starting profit sharing would be 30% after probation period.


2. What is the maximum profit sharing ratio?

Reply: 49/51. As a partner, your Cooperation Interest could reach the maximum of 49%.


3. What is the Probationary Period?

Reply: As a partner, you need to prove your competency during the Probationary Period of three (3) months.


4. Does the partner earn money during the Probationary Period?

Reply: No. A partner will have no Cooperation Interest and no profit sharing during the Probationary Period.

5. After the Probationary Period, what would be the term/duration of the Cooperation agreement?

Reply: The Agreement remains effective until either party provides termination notice.


6. What happens if the domain/website is sold?

Reply: If the Cooperation remains continuously for two (2) or more years, excluding the Probation Period, the Cooperation Interest of the partner is vested. Should the domain/website be sold after the partner is vested, the net worth of the domain/website will be timely distributed to the parties according to their current proportionate share specified by the Agreement.


7. What happens if a website is sold together with other websites (websites are sold as a portfolio)?

Reply: When a portfolio of multiple websites is sold and the partner is vested, unless buyer specifies the price of each component, the average worth of the domain/website will be calculated from the sold price of a portfolio divides by the number of domains/websites.  For example, if a portfolio of 3 websites A, B, and C is sold at $US 150,000, the average worth of a website would be $US 50,000; and the profit sharing would be based on this average worth which is applicable to A, B or C.


8. Why the acquisition of a portfolio of websites, from the buyer’s/investor’s viewpoint, is more advantageous than a single website?

Reply: A group of websites generally compensate each other’s and has the ability to increase active users/customers, and maximize business growth potential.


9. Does the current list of prime domains includes all domains to be developed?

Reply: No, this is only a partial list, there will be more prime domains to be listed for development.


10. What are requirements for partner?

Reply: As a partner, you are required to provide skilled workforce for website design and implementation, maintenance, business operations, etc.


11. Who provides for the costs and expenses of domain acquisitions, registrations and renewals?

Reply: WNI provides for prime domain acquisitions, registrations and renewals.


12. Who provides for web hosting?

Reply: WNI provides upfront for the costs and expenses of web hosting and the profit distribution is calculated after deducting web hosting costs and expenses.


13. What are the profit distribution frequency and amount?

Reply: Profit distribution will be on quarterly basis. If the quarterly profit does not reach a minimum amount of $US 100, it shall be rolled over to the next quarter.


14. How would profit sharing distribute?

Reply: As a partner, you are required to open a PayPal account. The profit distribution shall be done via PayPal.


15. How would a website monetized?

Reply: Most domains would be developed to be websites with advertisement based (Google Adsense and alternatives) and eCommerce affiliated links (Amazon and alternatives). The partner’s responsibility is to design and implement reviews/reports/blog about the industry sector and keywords related to the domain name.


16. What about monetizing in connection with social platforms Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

Reply: The Cooperation website to be developed from a prime domain will be an anchor for social platforms promotion, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The partner will design and incorporate reviews/reports/videos/blog on social platforms with a website.


17. Can I apply for more than one website/domain?

Reply: Usually, an individual partner can be assigned one website. A company partner can be assigned more than one website/domain.


18. How do I apply to be a partner?

Reply: Please fill out the required information on “Contact” link and submit. Upon approval, you will be asked to read/review the Agreement and fill the out required information and submit.


19. How long does the partner selection process take?

Reply: Approximately 2-3 weeks.